Chapter 2 Getting Started

Table of Contents

Product Components
Environment Variables for Client Applications
Running Client Programs
Under USS
Under MVS
Running the Connection Broker
Starting ssh-broker-g3 Manually under USS
Stopping ssh-broker-g3
Reconfiguring ssh-broker-g3
Connecting to a Remote Host
Authenticating Remote Server Hosts
Using Password Authentication
Using Public-Key Authentication
Logging in with Command-Line sshg3

This chapter provides information on how to get started with the client tools after the Tectia Server for IBM z/OS software has been successfully installed.

Tectia client tools for z/OS are based on Secure Shell (SecSh) technology and they allow secure file transfer and secure system administration over an unsecured network.

Tectia client tools for z/OS can connect to any standard Secure Shell server, including Tectia Server and OpenSSH.