SSH Tectia

Appendix B Command-Line Tools

Table of Contents

ssh-broker-g3 - SSH Connection Broker - Generation 3
ssh-broker-ctl - SSH Tectia Connection Broker control utility
sshg3 - Secure Shell terminal client - Generation 3
scpg3 - Secure Shell file copy client - Generation 3
sftpg3 - Secure Shell file transfer client - Generation 3
ssh-sft-stage - stage and destage MVS datasets and HFS files
ssh-keygen-g3 - authentication key pair generator
ssh-keydist-g3 - Key distribution tool
ssh-keyfetch - Host key tool for the Secure Shell client
ssh-cmpclient-g3 - CMP enrollment client
ssh-scepclient-g3 - SCEP enrollment client
ssh-certview-g3 - certificate viewer
ssh-ekview-g3 - external key viewer

SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS contains several command-line tools. Their functionality is explained in the following appendices. The same information is also available in manual pages that are installed to /opt/tectia/man.


On the man pages, Unix is generally used to refer to all Unix-like operating systems, including Unix System Services (USS) of z/OS.