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Installing SSH Tectia Server from the Source Code

If pre-compiled binaries from SSH Communications Security are not available for your particular Unix or Unix-like platform (such as Tru64), you can compile the source code yourself.

The source code is available separately upon request. Please contact SSH Tectia technical support at

In order to compile the source code, you need the following:

  • an ANSI C compiler (gcc is available from the Free Software Foundation's GNU project,
  • development libraries for your operating system.

Copy the source package to your machine. Then run the following commands (note that make install must be run with root privileges):

$ gzip -dc ssh-<v>.tar.gz | tar xvf -
$ cd ssh-<v>
$ ./configure
$ make
# make install

You can enable or disable certain functionality when you compile SSH Tectia Server. To use the optional functionality, make sure you use the following syntax:

$ ./configure --[option]

The most common configure options are listed below, but additional options not listed here are also available. Type ./configure -- help for more information.

  • --prefix=PREFIX

    Defines the installation directory (default /usr/local)

  • --with-foreign-etcdir=PATH

    Defines the directory containing non-ssh-specific files (default /etc).

  • --with-etcdir=PATH

    Defines the directory containing ssh configuration and host key files (default [FOREIGN_ETCDIR]).

  • --enable-debug

    Enables debugging (recommended)

  • --disable-X11-forwarding

    Turns off X11 forwarding (overrides configuration file settings)

  • --disable-tcp-port-forwarding

    Turns off port forwarding (overrides configuration file settings)

  • --with-serversecurid[=PATH]

    Compiles in support for SecurID server authentication

  • --with-clientsecurid

    Compiles in support for SecurID client authentication

  • --with-kerberos5=[KRB_PREFIX]

    Compiles in Kerberos5 support

  • --with-libwrap=[PATH]

    Compiles in libwrap (tcp_wrappers) support

Automating Server Startup

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