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    Getting Started
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Getting Started

This chapter provides information on how to get started with SSH Tectia software after it has been successfully installed.

Please see the separate document SSH Tectia Client/Server Product Description for background information such as choosing the authentication method before you proceed.

By default, the configuration of SSH Tectia Client and Server is aimed toward usability. Sections SSH Tectia Server (T) and SSH Tectia Server (A) give instructions on configuring the servers for intended use.

Section SSH Tectia Client covers basic usage of ssh2 and the file transfer clients sftp2 and scp2. More information can be found on the relevant man pages.

Location of Installed Files

Starting and Stopping the Server

Operation of the Server

SSH Tectia Server (T)

SSH Tectia Server (A)

SSH Tectia Client

Examples of Use

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