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Application Tunneling

Application tunneling, or port forwarding, is a way to tunnel otherwise unsecured TCP traffic through Secure Shell. You can secure for example POP3, SMTP, and HTTP connections that would otherwise be unsecured – see Figure Encrypted Secure Shell tunnel.

Figure : Encrypted Secure Shell tunnel

The Secure Shell v2 connection protocol provides channels that can be used for a wide range of purposes. All of these channels are multiplexed into a single encrypted tunnel and can be used for tunneling (forwarding) arbitrary TCP/IP ports and X11 connections .

The client-server applications using the tunnel will carry out their own authentication procedures, if any, the same way they would without the encrypted tunnel.

The protocol/application might only be able to connect to a fixed port number (e.g. IMAP 143). Otherwise any available port can be chosen for port forwarding.

Privileged ports (below 1024) can be forwarded only with root privileges.

Incoming and Outgoing Tunnels

Tunneling FTP

Tunneling X11

Agent Forwarding

Dynamic Tunneling

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