Chapter 4 Configuring the Server

Table of Contents

Server Configuration Files
Editing Configuration Files
Command-Line Options
Running Tectia and OpenSSH on the Same Host
IPv6 Support
Defining Subconfigurations
Host-Specific Subconfiguration
User-Specific Subconfiguration
Configuring Cryptographic Algorithms
Configuring Ciphers
Configuring MACs
Configuring KEXs
Configuring Host Key Signature Algorithms
Configuring Public Key Signature Algorithms
Cryptographic Hardware Support
Configuring Root Logins
Restricting User Logins
Configuring Code Pages
Defining Subsystems
Configuring Logging in sshd2
Logging SFTP Transactions
SMF Auditing
Securing the Server
Restrictions to System Administration
Restrictions to File Transfer
Restrictions to Tunneling
Load Control

This chapter gives instructions on the basic configuration settings of the Tectia server component on z/OS.


The server must be restarted after configuration changes. See Restarting the Server for instructions.