Collecting System Information for Troubleshooting

Tectia Client includes a troubleshooting tool that automatically collects necessary data about the operating system and hardware, and about the installed Tectia product versions and their configurations into a file. The troubleshooting tool gathers the following information about the system configuration:

To collect system information, open a command prompt and enter the following command:

On Unix, run the troubleshooting tool with command:

# ssh-troubleshoot [options] info [command-options]

On Windows, run the troubleshooting tool with command:

ssh-troubleshoot.cmd [options] info

For details about the command options, refer to ssh-troubleshoot(8).

The collected data is stored in the results file named as follows:

In the file name, hostname identifies the host from where the information was collected, and timestamp specifies the date and time when the information was stored into the file. The timestamp format is yyyymmdd-hhmmUTC. So the reports are not in local time, but use the UTC.

You can send the file to SSH Technical Support for analysis.


Handle the output file with appropriate care as it may contain security-critical data.