Chapter 5 Transferring Files

Table of Contents

Secure File Transfer with scpg3 and sftpg3 Commands
Using scpg3
Using sftpg3
Enhanced File Transfer Functions
Secure File Transfer GUI (Windows)
Defining Secure File Transfer GUI Settings
Downloading Files with Tectia Secure File Transfer GUI
Uploading Files with Tectia Secure File Transfer GUI
Transfer and Queue Tabs
Defining File Properties
Differences from Windows Explorer
Controlling File Transfer
Site Command

Tectia Client and Tectia Server provide the basic secure file transfer functionality using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

For adding security to existing FTP file transfers transparently, we offer Tectia ConnectSecure which is a separate product. It provides FTP-SFTP conversion, transparent FTP tunneling, and SFTP application programming interfaces (API), in addition to the basic Secure Shell client services. For more information on Tectia ConnectSecure, see Tectia ConnectSecure Product Description and Administrator Manual.

This chapter gives instructions on secure file transfer using the SCP and SFTP command-line tools and the SFTP graphical user interface (GUI).