Uploading Files with Tectia Secure File Transfer GUI

The file transfer window can be used to upload files from your local computer to the remote host computer. There are different ways to upload a file, or several files at the same time. Selecting multiple files with the Shift or Control key works the same way as in Windows Explorer.

Drag and drop

Dragging and dropping is probably the easiest way to upload files. Simply click on the local file(s) you want to upload (for example on the desktop or Windows Explorer), hold down the mouse button, move the file(s) into the file view in the File Transfer window, and release the button.

Upload button

Click the Upload button on the file transfer window toolbar to upload the selected file(s).

Shortcut menu

When you right-click a file in the Local View, or an empty space in the Remote View, a shortcut menu appears. Select the Upload to perform the transfer immediately, or select Upload Dialog to select the files to upload.

If you have selected the Upload Dialog option, an Upload - Select Files dialog appears. This is a standard Windows file selection dialog, where you can select which file(s) you want to upload. After you have selected the files, the Transfer View shows the current uploading status.

The filter bar above the file views can be used to filter the viewed files by using glob pattern.