SSH Tectia

File Locations on Windows

On Windows, the default installation directory (<INSTALLDIR> below) for SSH Tectia products is:

"C:\Program Files\SSH Communications Security\SSH Tectia"

On Windows, the SSH Tectia Client files are located in the following directories:

Figure 2.6 shows the SSH Tectia directory structure when also SSH Tectia Server has been installed on the same machine.

The SSH Tectia directory structure on Windows

Figure 2.6. The SSH Tectia directory structure on Windows

The user-specific configurations are stored in the directories listed below.


The user-specific %APPDATA% directory is hidden by default. To view hidden directories, change the setting in Windows Explorer. For example, on Windows XP, select Tools → Folder Options on the menu, click the View tab, and select Show hidden files and folders.