Installing the Tectia Server for IBM z/OS Software

Unpacking the Installation Package
Creating the SAMPLIB and PARMLIB Data Sets
Preparing the System
Creating the SSHD2 User
Creating the /opt/tectia Directory
Running the Setup Script
Installing Licenses

Tectia Server for IBM z/OS is installed to the USS area using an appropriate USS shell, for example an OMVS shell or a Telnet session.

The installation consists of the following steps:


The installation packages do not contain license files. The license files must be requested separately from SSH technical support.

  1. Unpack the installation package. See Unpacking the Installation Package.

  2. Create the SAMPLIB and PARMLIB data sets. See Creating the SAMPLIB and PARMLIB Data Sets.

  3. Prepare the system. See Preparing the System.

  4. Create the SSHD2 user. See Creating the SSHD2 User.

  5. Create the /opt/tectia directory, and optionally, create a mount point for it. See Creating the /opt/tectia Directory.

  6. Run the setup script. See Running the Setup Script.

  7. Install licenses. See Installing Licenses.