Chapter 3 Getting Started with Tectia Server for IBM z/OS

Table of Contents

Running the SSH Server (sshd2)
Starting the Server
Stopping the Server
Restarting the Server
Querying the Server Version
Setting Options for Starting the Server
Running the Certificate Validator (ssh-certd)
Starting the Certificate Validator
Stopping the Certificate Validator
Restarting the Certificate Validator
Querying the Certificate Validator Version
Setting Options for Starting the Certificate Validator
Environment Variables for Server and Client Applications
Setting Up a Shell User
Authenticating Remote Server Hosts
Using Password Authentication
Using Public-Key Authentication

This chapter provides information on how to get started with Tectia Server for IBM z/OS after it has been successfully installed.

It contains information on running the server, the required environment variables, and setting up a shell user.


To access a z/OS host that runs Tectia Server using OpenSSH scp you must either have OpenSSH server running on the same z/OS host with Tectia Server, or OpenSSH scp must exist in /bin/scp on the z/OS host.


If you intend to use OpenSSH scp with Tectia Server for IBM z/OS, note that the default OpenSSH configuration on z/OS does not produce SMF records. SMF recording must be configured separately for OpenSSH when the OpenSSH scp events need to be captured.

The Tectia server component on z/OS consists of two processes: