Chapter 8 Secure File Transfer Using Transparent FTP Security

Table of Contents

Introduction to Transparent FTP Security
Transparent FTP Tunneling
FTP-SFTP Conversion
Summary of Configuration Steps
Configuring SOCKS Proxy
The ssh-socks-proxy-config.xml configuration file
Storing Remote Server Host Keys
Creating the SSHSP User
Running SOCKS Proxy
Starting ssh-socks-proxy Manually under USS
Running ssh-socks-proxy as a Started Task
Stopping ssh-socks-proxy
Restarting ssh-socks-proxy
Reloading ssh-socks-proxy configuration
Configuring FTP
Editing the FTP Client Configuration
Creating the SOCKS Configuration
Examples of Transparent FTP Security
System-Wide Transparent FTP Tunneling with Fallback
JCL-Specific Transparent FTP Tunneling or FTP-SFTP Conversion

In addition to secure file transfer with SFTP command-line clients, Tectia Server for IBM z/OS provides ways to secure existing FTP file transfers transparently. These are transparent FTP tunneling and FTP-SFTP conversion.

Even though settings related to transparent FTP security are made at the FTP client side, they usually require administrator privileges.