System Limits and Requirements

Check the definitions in BPXPRMxx. The following guidelines are approximate and apply to both the server and the clients.

Tectia requires an address space size of at least 200 MB (MAXASSIZE).

Each concurrent connection typically needs 2 to 3 processes (MAXPROCSYS, MAXPROCUSER). The user limit may require adjusting if many concurrent connections are run under one user ID.

For each concurrent connection Tectia requires:

The limits suggested in the z/OS UNIX System Services Planning book are typically adequate except maybe for AF_UNIX. Tectia uses 3 to 4 AF_UNIX sockets for each concurrent connection.

Note that Tectia is not defined to z/OS Workload Manager (WLM) and runs the same goals as UNIX System Services (USS). If you feel the need to make changes to USS goals, please consult the IBM Redbook System Programmer’s Guide to: Workload Manager, Chapter UNIX System Services considerations.