Certificate User Mapping File

The map file specifies which certificates authorize logging into which accounts. The format of the file is as follows:

<account-id> <keyword> <argument>

The keyword can be either Email, Subject, SerialAndIssuer, EmailRegex, or SubjectRegex. The argument depends on the keyword.


The following are examples of different map file definitions:

user1 email
user1 subject C=FI,O=SSH,CN=Secure Shell User 1
user1 serialandissuer 1234 C=FI,O=SSH,CN=Secure Shell User 1
%subst% subjectregex C=FI, O=SSH, CN=([a-z]+)         
%subst% emailregex ([a-z]+)@ssh\.com

The last line permits logging with any e-mail address with only letters in the user name. For more information on the regular expression syntax, see sshregex(1).