Restoring Archived Datasets

A special volume name to mark an MVS dataset volume as migrated can be set with the environment variable SSH_SFT_PSEUDOVOLUME_VOLSERS. A volume can be migrated or archived by storing it out of the normal data file system to a tape or to some other storage media.

A comma-separated list of pseudo-volume serial numbers (volsers) can be given in the environment variable. The volser must have six characters of letters only.

Both Tectia client tools and Tectia Server for IBM z/OS must be configured to use a non-default pseudo-volume volser. IBM uses volser MIGRAT but other 3rd party data storage systems can use something else. See also Tectia Server for IBM z/OS User Manual.

To configure an SFTP server, add the following line into ~/.ssh2/environment:


where <VOLSER> is the pseudo-volume volser of the archived volume.