Generating the Host Key

A host public-key pair (3072-bit RSA) is always generated during the fresh installation of Tectia Server. You only need to regenerate it if you want to change your host key pair.

The command-line tool ssh-keygen-g3 can be used to generate the host key pair. It can be used for creating the user key pairs as well.

On Unix, to (re)generate the host key, give the following command with root privileges:

# ssh-keygen-g3 -P -H hostkey


-P indicates that the key has an empty passphrase

-H indicates that the key pair is stored in the default host key directory

On Windows, to (re)generate the host key, give the following command:

ssh-keygen-g3.exe -P -H hostkey

This will generate a 3072-bit RSA key pair (without a passphrase) and save it in the default host key directory (/etc/ssh2 on Unix, "<INSTALLDIR>\SSH Tectia Server" on Windows) with the names hostkey and For more information on the key generation options, see ssh-keygen-g3(1).

After the new key pair has been created, run ssh-server-ctl to reconfigure the server. See ssh-server-ctl(8).


The private key of the server must never be readable by anyone but root on Unix and by the Administrators group and the SYSTEM account on Windows. Store the private key in a safe directory where access is denied for all others.