Enabling Debug Mode for Running Tectia Server on Unix

To enable debug mode without restarting Tectia Server, run the following commands as privileged user:

  1. Before enabling debug, check the status of the currently running server:

    # ssh-server-ctl status
  2. Log debug to a file, for example:

    # ssh-server-ctl debug log-file /tmp/server-debug.txt
  3. Enable debug mode. In this example, for all server processes with global debug level 4:

    # ssh-server-ctl debug set 4

    If higher <debug_level> is needed, it is recommended to use "module=level,module*=level,..." filter to enable debug only on intended modules. See next section for details on filter.

  4. After reproducing the issue, remember to disable debug mode:

    # ssh-server-ctl debug clear

    This changes debug level to 0 and also removes the debug hook for the debug log file.

  5. Check the status of the currently running server:

    # ssh-server-ctl status

    Verify from the output that 'Debug level' is 0. If Debug level is not displayed at all, the master ssh-server-g3 process in question has never had debug enabled.


    Stopping the service does NOT disable debug. If the service has already been restarted, then clear the debug settings also from the previous, retired service as it may still have retired server processes:

    # ssh-server-ctl --old status
    # ssh-server-ctl --old debug clear
  6. To view all debug commands available for ssh-server-ctl:

    # ssh-server-ctl debug --help