Chapter 7 File Transfer

Table of Contents

Tectia Client File Transfer User
Encryption and Authentication Methods
Restricting Services
Settings on the Client Side
Automated File Transfer Script

This chapter gives the typical Tectia Server settings when it is used for secure file transfer.

Secure file transfer

Figure 7.1. Secure file transfer

Tectia Server supports the basic secure file transfer functionalities provided by Tectia Client, but also the more advanced secure file transfer functions provided by Tectia ConnectSecure. These include the enhanced file transfer (EFT) functionalities, such as checkpoint/restart for the transfer of very large files, streaming for high-speed file transfers, and C and Java APIs for customization.

For more information on the enhanced file transfer features available with Tectia ConnectSecure, see Tectia Client/Server Product Description, Tectia ConnectSecure Administrator Manual, and the documentation for the C and Java APIs (included in the installation package).