Chapter 9 Troubleshooting Tectia Server

Table of Contents

Starting Tectia Server in Debug Mode
Starting Tectia Server in Debug Mode on Unix
Starting Tectia Server in Debug Mode on Windows
Debugging Secure File Transfer
Collecting System Information for Troubleshooting
Solving Problem Situations
CPU Overload on Tectia Server on HP-UX
Invalid Host Key Permissions on Windows
Invalid Configuration File Permissions on Windows
Authentication Fails for Domain Account on Tectia Server on Windows
Last Login Time is Incorrect on Windows
Virtual Folders Defined on Windows Network Shared Folders Are Not Available on Tectia Server on Windows

In case you encounter problems when running the Tectia Server software, you can try and solve the situation yourself first, and if that does not help, contact Tectia support.

Before you contact SSH technical support, run the ssh-troubleshoot (ssh-troubleshoot.cmd on Windows) tool to collect necessary information on your system and the installed Tectia products. This information will help in analysing the reported problems, as the technical support gets to know exact details about the environment where the Tectia products are running. See instructions in Collecting System Information for Troubleshooting.

For information on accessing the Tectia online support resources and contacting SSH technical support, see Customer Support.