SSH Tectia

X11 Forwarding (Unix)

X11 forwarding is a special case of remote tunneling.

SSH Tectia Server supports X11 forwarding on Unix platforms. SSH Tectia Client and ConnectSecure support X11 forwarding on both Unix and Windows platforms.

X11 forwarding

Figure 8.6. X11 forwarding

By default, SSH Tectia Server allows X11 forwarding for all users. To enable X11 forwarding only for the specified users, include an entry similar to the following in your ssh-server-config.xml file:

  <rule group="admins">
    <tunnel-x11 action="allow" />
    <tunnel-x11 action="deny" />

On Unix, you can define what type of X11 listener address will be used in X11 forwarding. The address type is configured with the settings element by adding attribute x11-listen-address that takes the following values:

For example:

    x11-listen-address="any" />