SSH Tectia

Upgrading from Version 4.x to 5.x

On all Unix and Linux platforms, earlier versions of SSH Tectia Server should be removed before installing SSH Tectia Server 5.x. (When installing via SSH Tectia Manager, this is handled automatically.)

On Windows, SSH Tectia Server 4.1 and later can be upgraded by installing a newer version of the software on top of the older version. SSH Tectia Server 4.0 and earlier use a different type of installation package and must be uninstalled before installing the new version.

The configuration file format and file locations have changed in SSH Tectia Server 5.0. The old configuration files form 4.x will not be used with 5.x, but they must be converted manually to the new format.

A separate document, SSH Tectia Client/Server Migration Guide, gives detailed instructions on upgrading from SSH Tectia client/server solution 4.x to SSH Tectia client/server solution 5.x, including information on migrating the configuration files.


Back up all your configuration files before starting the upgrade.