SSH Tectia

Chapter 4 Configuring SSH Tectia Server

Table of Contents

ssh-server-config - SSH Tectia Server configuration file format
Configuration Tool (Windows)
SSH Tectia Server
Proxy Rules
Certificate Validation
Defining Access Rules Using Selectors (Advanced Mode)
Connections and Encryption

SSH Tectia Server uses an XML-based configuration file ssh-server-config.xml that allows flexible implementation of real-life enterprise security policies.

The configuration file follows the same logic that is used in setting up a Secure Shell connection:

  1. The client initiates a connection to the server.

  2. The server checks whether connections from the client address are allowed. The client and server perform key exchange where the server authenticates itself to the client, and ciphers and MACs are selected for the connection.

  3. The server requests the user to authenticate itself to the server. The server may offer a selection of authentication methods, or require several authentication methods to be passed in succession.

  4. The server determines the services the client is allowed to use.

The configuration file can be edited with an ASCII text editor or an XML editor (see ssh-server-config(5)). On Windows, you can use the included SSH Tectia Server Configuration tool (see Configuration Tool (Windows)).