SSH Tectia

Special Considerations on Windows

On the SSH Tectia Server for Windows, the recommended location for public keys is the %USERPROFILE%\.ssh2 directory. This location reflects the standard Unix usage and works with the default settings of SSH Tectia Client automatic key upload, and the user's profile directory has the appropriate access permissions (set by the operating system during the account creation).

The user configuration directory can be changed on the General page of the SSH Tectia Server Configuration tool. See General.

If the user's need to manage their public keys themselves, you as the administrator should inform the users the location of the user configuration directory. Otherwise, the administrator has to place the user's public keys in the proper directory.


SSH Tectia Client uses SFTP for the automatic uploading of the public key. It will not succeed if the user configuration directory has been set to a location that is not under the user's SFTP home directory. By default, both directories are under %USERPROFILE%.

If you want to enable automatic public-key upload for the users, change both the user configuration directory and the SFTP user home directory to point to the same directory. See SFTP.

For example, set D:\SFTP\%username% as the SFTP user home directory and D:\SFTP\%username%\.ssh2 as the user configuration directory.

See also the general considerations on username handling in Special Considerations on Windows.