Uploading Public Keys Automatically

Public keys can be automatically uploaded to servers that have the SFTP subsystem enabled, and by default, SFTP is enabled on Tectia Servers. The Public-Key Authentication Wizard automatically uploads each new public key to a remote host of your choice. All existing keys are also listed on the Keys and Certificates page of the Tectia Connections Configuration GUI, and you can select a key to upload it to a remote server at any time.

The public key will be uploaded to the default user home directory (%USERPROFILE%\.ssh2 on Windows) on the remote server.


The key user is required to have write permissions to the key directory on the server, otherwise the automatic upload will fail. The administrator of the remote host computer may have restricted user access so that users are not able to configure public-key authentication for themselves even if public-key authentication is allowed in the server configuration.

  1. To access the Public-Key Authentication Wizard, click User Authentication → Keys and Certificates on the tree view.

  2. Select a key from the Key and Certificate List and click Upload.

  3. The Upload Public Key view of the wizard appears.

    Uploading a key

    Figure 4.4. Uploading a key

    Define the remote host where you want to upload the key:

    Quick connect

    Select this option to define the remote Host name and your User name there. The default Secure Shell Port number is 22.

    Connection profile

    Select a Connection profile from the drop-down list that specifies the desired remote host and user name.

  4. Click Upload to transfer the key to the selected server. If you are already connected to the remote server host, the key upload starts immediately. If you are not connected, you will be prompted to authenticate on the server (by default with password).