Hardware and Disk Space Requirements

Tectia products do not have any special hardware requirements. They can be installed on any computer capable of running the supported operating system versions and equipped with a functional network connection.

The Tectia Client installation requires about 100 MB of disk space. Note that Tectia Client will save each user's settings in that particular user's personal directory.

The Tectia Server installation requires 100 MB free disk space.

For general installation information, see Tectia Client User Manual and Tectia Server Administrator Manual.


Before installing Tectia products on Unix platform, stop any OpenSSH or other third-party Secure Shell servers running on port 22, or change their listener port. You do not need to uninstall the OpenSSH software.

If installing on SUSE, install prerequisite package insserv-compat.

On SELinux-enabled systems, ensure that the semanage command is available. In older Linux versions semanage is typically installed via policycoreutils-python-utils or policycoreutils-python.