Chapter 4 Configuring Authentication Methods

Table of Contents

Server Authentication Methods
User Authentication with Passwords
User Authentication with Public Keys
Creating Keys with Public-Key Authentication Wizard
Uploading Public Keys Automatically
Creating and Uploading Keys with the Command Line Tools
Setting up Non-interactive Authentication for Automatic Scripts

The Tectia client/server solution has separate authentication procedures for authenticating the servers and the users. The authentication is mutual; the client authenticates the server and the server authenticates the user.

The server configuration defines which authentication methods are allowed, and the client configuration defines the order in which the methods will be tried.

In this guide we introduce how public-key authentication is used in authenticating the remote Tectia Server host. For user authentication, we introduce both the password authentication method, as it is set up by default, and public keys, which provide stronger security and make it possible to use non-interactive login securely.