Using Keys Generated with OpenSSH

Tectia Client supports also user key pairs generated with OpenSSH. The OpenSSH keys can be specified in the ssh-broker-config.xml file by using the key-stores element. An example configuration is shown below:

  <key-store type="software" 
             init="key_files(/home/exa/keys/,/home/exa/keys/id_rsa)" />
  <key-store type="software" 
             init="directory(path(/home/exa/.ssh))" />

This example adds a key called id_rsa and all keys from the user's default OpenSSH key directory (.ssh under the user's home directory).

You can add OpenSSH keys and directories on the Keys and Certificates page of the Tectia Connections Configuration tool. See Managing Keys and Certificates.

The public key can be uploaded to the server the same way as with standard SSH2 keys. See Uploading Public Keys Manually and Uploading Public Keys Automatically.