Enabling FIPS Mode Using Configuration GUI

To enable FIPS mode on Windows:

  1. Open Tectia Connections Configuration GUI (see Opening the GUI).

  2. Go to the General settings by selecting General in the tree view.

  3. Under Cryptographic Library, select FIPS mode.

  4. Ensure that the cryptographic algorithms defined for the default connection settings or any connection profile are compatible with FIPS mode. You will be informed of algorithms that are not allowed in FIPS mode. For FIPS-compatible algorithms, see Appendix F.

  5. Click Apply.

  6. Click Stop Broker from the Tectia shortcut menu (see Tectia Shortcut Menu (Windows and Linux)).

  7. Start a new client or connection that launches a new Connection Broker in FIPS mode.


On Windows, you can switch all Tectia products to FIPS mode by creating a file named FIPSMODE in the SSH Tectia AUX folder. Note that while the FIPSMODE file is present, all Tectia products will be in FIPS mode regardless of their configurations the next time they are restarted.

On Windows with Tectia Server also installed on the same machine as Tectia Client, this file is created and removed automatically when FIPS mode is changed with the Tectia Server Configuration GUI and configuration is applied.