Downloading Tectia Releases

All releases require a commercial license that is delivered with the installation package.

To download Tectia software from the SSH Customer Download Center:

  1. Log in to the Customer Download Center at:

  2. Select Tectia Client from the SSH Downloads, and choose the relevant version. Tectia products are published in major, minor, and maintenance releases:

    • Major releases are indicated with full numbers, for example 6. Major releases publish new products and new major features to existing products, in addition to fixes to the previous versions.

    • Minor releases are indicated with the second digit in the release numbers, for example 6.6. Minor releases publish new features and fixes to the previous versions.

    • Maintenance releases are third digit versions, for example 6.6.3. Maintenance releases provide fixes to the previous versions, not new functionality. The maintenance releases are available for customers with Maintenance and Support Agreement.

  3. Click the link with the correct product version and platform, and the compressed installation package will be downloaded to the default download folder on your machine.

  4. Proceed to the installation. See the platform-specific installation instructions for Tectia Client below.